Membership Sites Need Engagement to be Successful

Membership sites are amazing ways to monetise your hobby, interest, or deliver a course that you might have been dying to create for all those netizines out there, but those of you thinking of setting up a membership site, you need to know some very important things.

You need to keep your audience engaged.

This means you need to have more than just a course with download links.  You need to have a way to keep the people coming back for more, and actually keep them interested in what they are studying or learning, or getting from you.

Have you ever signed up for a site and then just lost interest because of other things happening in your life?  Well that happens to the best of us.  The best sites are ones that have little tips or tricks to keep us interested.  You all know Pokemon Go, right.  They have these achievements or rewards that you get given when you do get to the next step.  If you log in ever day for a period of time, and catch a Pokemon each day, then you get better rewards.

This is known as Gamification and is what all the best games are using to keep their people interested.  It is also how many websites keep their customers coming back for more.

Here are a list of 5 other ways you can help keep people engaged and ensure that they join your site.

  1. Make it really easy for members to Join

  2. Be Consistent and Provide Regular, Reliable Value

  3. Encourage Them, With Regular Rewards as They Complete Steps. (Gamify it)

  4. Use an AutoResponder to Reach Out to them.

  5. Use a Facebook Page and Group to build community and Advertise to others about your site.

If you can do all of these things within or at least link them to your membership site you have much more of a chance to make it successful.

All the best!





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